Japanese Style Hot Tub

The Japanese style hot tub has become a modern trend in the United States, not only because of the distinct styles this kind of tub offers, but also because as our society becomes more concerned with health and homoeopathy, the ritualistic soak of the Japanese style hot tub offers pure solutions for weary bodies. The traditional Japanese bath is a luxurious soak in a deep, often round, tub that soothes away the day’s troubles. In fact, cleansing is not part of the traditional Japanese bath at all; this is to be done before the bath commences, either in a shower or by washing oneself so as not to contaminate the water used for the bath.

The modern Japanese style hot tub is constructed of a wide variety of materials. Some people prefer the traditional wooden bath, while others prefer a more modern stainless steel. These baths are also constructed from granite, marble, and even plastic, among other materials that Western baths are constructed of. The primary attraction of the Japanese style hot tub is that it is much deeper than the Western style hot tub, so deep, in fact, that the water comes all the way up to the shoulder or neck area. The Japanese bath also holds very hot water, and some of these bathtubs come heated so the water will stay warmer longer.

No soap is used in the Japanese style hot tub, and none is needed, as this tub is not used for washing at all, but rather for a soothing end to a long day. While the traditional style of the Japanese hot tub is much taller and rounder than traditional Western hot tubs, modern manufacturers offer a wide range of shapes and sizes. These tubs can also be purchased with whirlpool jets for the ultimate in relaxation. Most Japanese hot tubs come with a bench or a seat. They are manufactured to hold just one person or two or more people.

Some people who have remodelled their bathrooms to accommodate the Japanese style hot tub have immersed themselves in the traditional experience and installed a shower next to the bath in order to cleanse themselves first. Then they add bath salts or essential oils to their tub and soak their bodies and relax their minds. Interestingly enough, when viewing ads for the Japanese baths, the setting is always soothing, with candles and soothing colour decorating the backdrop. It is a sharp difference to the ads often seen for Western-style bathtubs, often stark white and functional, though not soothing.

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